Drink Aware

Our Commitment

Whilst The Wine Flyer is committed to providing world-class wines from our favourite destinations, we are also committed to maximizing the awareness of responsible alcohol consumption.

Drink Aware

Link to Drink Aware.

Further guidance on how to responsibly enjoy the range of wines, beers, and spirits The Wine Flyer has to offer can be found here.

Alcohol and the law.

There is plenty of legislation covering the sale or consumption and alcohol in the UK. This includes drinking in public places, drinking and driving, and having the appropriate license to sell alcohol. 


Read more about alcohol and the law here.

The Wine Flyer’s pledge. 

At The Wine Flyer we’re committed to selling hand-picked, world-class wines. It is important for us to be responsible in our trade and we have outlined the following commitments:


1) We do not sell to those who we believe are under 18 years old.


2) We do not promote irresponsible drinking.  


3) The ABV of every alcoholic product we sell can be found on our website and on the product labels.



Alcohol effects, calories and diet.

Alcohol, like other consumables, contains calories. It’s important to understand how many calories are approximately in each drink.  


To find out more about calories and alcohol, read more here.

How much alcohol is ‘too much’ and units explained. 

According to the NHS, men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis.   

This equates to six medium glasses of wine, five pints of beer or cider, or nine small glasses of champagne. 

Read more about alcohol safety here.